Jul 24, 2019


With the current trend of pet owners opting to bring their pets on holidays, Irish pet retailer Petmania are providing practical advice on keeping pets safe when travelling and tips for a comfortable trip.

Petmania have a huge range of products available to aid a stress free trip for both pets and their owners. These include car harnesses, cooling mats, portable water bottles, dog car seat covers, IATA approved carriers and so much more.

Petmania’s practical tips for travelling safely with pets:

  • Do a recce:If pets aren’t used to being in the car be sure to do a recce before undergoing a long journey. Take short car journeys to see how your pet responds.
  • Tire them out:Go for a nice long walk before the car journey.
  • Seat belts on:Ensure pets are bucked up just like everyone else. Unrestricted pets can be very distracting for drivers and also cause damage to the pet and other people in the car if the car breaks harshly. Petmania offer a range of pet seat belts, car harnesses, pet car seats or travel carriers.
  • Heads in:Although many dogs in particular love to stick their heads out the window and feel the wind in their ears, it is known to result in ear damage and lung infections.
  • Tags on:Ensure pets have a tag on their collar with the owners contact details and address of where they are staying on the holiday.
  • Water stops: Take pitstops to allow pets to drink water. Petmania have portable water bottle which can be used while on the go.
  • Do not leave unattended:Never leave pets unattended in the car or unventilated areas.
  • Packing list:Petmania recommend that pet owners include their pets favourite toys, treats and food. Also if travelling abroad pets will need a pet passport.

Petmania is a specialist pet retailer with 12 stores nationwide. Petmania offer dog grooming services, flea, tick and worming treatments and pet nutrition advice. Petmania experts are happy to advise on any pet related issues.

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