Your Cat’s Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition

Cats are carnivores, which means that they eat meat; so it is important to include a high content of protein in their cat diet. There is a wide range of specialist cat food available on the market; designed to cater for specific breeds, specific ages, activity levels or special dietary requirements. Access to clean fresh water daily is also required for all cats.

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As your cat grows older, and its lifestyle changes, its dietary requirements will also change. At Petmania our Petcare Advisors are on hand to help you provide your cat with a nutritious and balanced diet. If you are concerned about your cats diet, weight or life stage, please do not hesitate to ask.


Kittens have smaller tummies, so you will need to feed them at regular intervals; usually three to four times a day up to the age of about six months. After that, about twice a day from six to 12 months. Because they are growing and active, a food with a higher protein content is recommended.

If you are weaning kittens, a specialist range of food is available for younger tummies.

Adult Cats (1-7 years)

Once fully grown, transition your cat to an adult cat food to help ensure on-going good health. Special diets are available for cats who may have particular dietary needs, such has hairball control, urinary care, weight control, indoor or out door lifestyle.

Constantly changing food will cause your cat to get an upset tummy, so it is recommend to find a food that suits your cats requirements and stick to it.

If your cat lives outdoors, they will need a diet with a higher fat and protein content, to provide more energy, as outdoor cats tend to be more active.

Mature Cats (7+ years)

As aging starts, move your cat onto a specially formulated diet for mature cats. These have been developed to help prevent weight gain, boost the immune system and aid joints and mobility.

Senior & Geriatric Cats (11+ years)

Your cat’s senses will begin to deteriorate in their senior years, which can lead to a loss of appetite – moving to a wet food, or a dry food with a wet centre can help prevent weight loss and muscle mass decline.

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