House Training Your Cat

House Training Your Cat or Kitten

House training your cat is relatively simple. Cats are generally very clean animals, and are easily house trained. With a little patience, your cat or kitten can be fully litter-box trained within a week.


House Training & Litter Boxes

Cats are easily house-trained with a little patience; and prefer to use a litter tray.

While it’s best to train your cat from kitten age, older cats can be trained too. Your cat will want to use their toilet facilities shortly after they eat, so use the following simple steps to help them into a routine:

  1. Five or ten minutes after your cat has eaten, place them into a clean litter tray
  2. Allow a little time for them to settle down, as it may take some time for their bowels to begin their work. If they try to wander off, carefully return them to their litter tray and stoke them to encourage them to stay
  3. When they are finished, they may tidy up. Allow them to do this, and encourage them to leave the litter tray.
  4. Your cat will soon find this to be their routine, and will eventually only use their litter tray

Keep your cats litter tray clean, using a scoop to remove waste. Clean the litter tray daily using a pet safe disinfectant, and replace with clear cat litter or crystals.

Cat Toilet or Litter Box?

Choose between a hooded cat toilet or an open litter box. You may find that your cat will prefer one over the other, but a cat toilet provides your cat with privacy that they like, that a litter box won’t. A hooded cat toilet will also help prevent smells and mess escaping from the litter tray.

  • Position your cat’s toilet out of sight of its food bowl
  • It is recommended that you have one cat toilet for each cat, plus an extra one

What Cat Litter?

We have loads of options to choose from when it comes to cat litter. The key decisions will be:

Clumping or Not? Clumping litter will form a ‘clump’ in the litter tray when it gets wet, making cleaning easier

Silica Gels absorb liquid and smells, reducing the need to change as frequently. Fecal waste will still need to be removed daily.

Flushable Cat Litter can be easily flushed, along with your cat’s waste, making it easy to dispose of. Note, flushing large amounts at the same time may cause blockages.

Paper and Woodchip are fully biodegradable, naturally absorbent cat litter options. Pellets made from recycled paper or woodchips are an easy-to-use, clean option that is eco-friendly.

Fine Grain Litter is softer on your cat’s paws and is available in clumping and non-clumping options.


  • Removal fecal waste from the litter box daily
  • Replace all cat litter once a week and disinfect the tray using a cat-safe cleaner

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