Exercise & Play for Your Cat

Exercise & Play

As with all pets, cats need regular exercise to help keep them healthy and prevent them from becoming overweight. Interactive play is also extremely important for cats; and while they may enjoy a ‘cat nap’, in addition, they do enjoy playtime too. They will need toys to prevent them from becoming bored.

Above all, interactive play is also a fantastic way to build a bond with your cat or kitten.

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Kittens – Are extremely playful and love to explore. Therefore, scheduling lots of play time with them will not only keep them entertained, but will also help them to learn. Most importantly, it will build a bond of trust between you and your kitten too. Further to this, you will also need to provide your kitten with toys and scratch posts all the time; without them, they are likely to find their own and won’t discriminate against your favourite piece of furniture. Otherwise they may think you’ve provided your sofa to them as their scratching post. Moreover, allow your kitten to play and entertain itself too.

For instance, scratching posts, balls, feathers and strings are among the many toys favoured by kittens. In addition, using cat nip (a herb loved by cats and is included in many toys and treats) can be useful to help train your cat too.

Adult Cats – Regular exercise will keep them healthier and stop them from becoming overweight. For example, toys (balls, play mice, feathers on a stick) encourage your cat to play, along with the use of cat nip is effective. In addition, a scratching post should be provided to help keep their nails trim and healthy.

Senior Cats – That is to say, older cats do tend to become less active; but it is important to encourage them to exercise in order to keep them limber and prevent them from becoming overweight. Use interactive toys and cat nip to help motivate your senior cat to exercise. Older cats do tire easily, in other words, be aware of their breathing becoming heavier as it suggests that your cat needs to rest.

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