Cat Beds, Kennels & Somewhere to Call Home

Cat Beds, Kennels & Somewhere to Call Home

Cat beds come in all shapes and sizes. Cats will live happily both indoors and outdoors, but wherever your cat lives, they will need somewhere to call home. Every cat will need a warm, secure bed with space to stretch, explore, eat and play.

Outdoor Cats

If your cat lives outdoors, they will need a shed or cattery in which their bed can be kept warm and dry. Choose a solid cat bed or basket with a removable cushion and position it in an area free from draughts. Outdoor cats are likely to roam if they become bored.

Indoor Cats

If your cat lives indoors, they will need their own bed; a cat toilet and a scratching post [to help prevent them sharpening their nails on your favourite furniture!]. You will also need to provide some toys to keep them entertained.

All cats love a place they can call home; at Petmania we offer a wide range of beds for all different shapes and sizes of cats. At Petmania we have soft cushy relaxing beds, and non slip that your cat can snuggle up in at night. If you have any queries about your cat please call into your local Petmania store for more details.