Keeping Your Pet Safe This Halloween

Keeping Your Pet Safe This Halloween

Jan 05, 2012


Some Simple Tips to Help Keep Your Pets Safe this Halloween

Door Bells
Lots of visitors calling to your house and ringing the door bell may cause your pet to get stressed (or overexcited depending on how they normally react!) which may result in injury or stress related illness like diarrhoea. Keep your pet in a quiet room, away from the door to minimise the risk of injury, and check on him frequently to provide reassurance and comfort.

People in Scary Costumes
Some pets, even those that are normally very friendly, may become scared or aggressive when they see you, your children, or strangers in costume – this may be simply because they don’t recognise you, or the costume upsets them. Make sure that your pet is supervised closely and provide reassurance to them if they are exposed to people in costume.

Fire Hazards
Take care if you are lighting lots of candles or lanterns in your home as excited or scared pets (or children!) could knock them over.

Chocolate & Treats
Remember that chocolate is poisonous to dogs so resist the temptation to treat them with it. We have lots of treats especially for pets in-store, so if you do want to treat your pet this Halloween, drop in and choose something especially for them.

Although pretty to watch, fireworks can be very scary for pets, so it is best to keep them inside and limit their exposure to the noise and sight of fireworks.

Pet Costumes
Some pets are happy to wear costumes, although it is recommended that if your pet doesn’t normally wear clothes, that he may become stress by putting him in a Halloween costume so keep it simple, and take it off if he shows signs of distress. If you do dress your pet up for Halloween choose a custom-made pet costume and avoid string or buttons that may cause your pet to choke.

Animal Cruelty
Unfortunately, Halloween is a time during which some people find it funny to be cruel to pets. Keep your pet safe this Halloween by being vigilant and keeping him inside throughout the festive period.

Enjoy Halloween responsibly and keep your pet safe and happy – and if in doubt, keep him indoors, in a quiet room away from the ghouls and goblins that will be about!

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