Dental Care

Dental Care For Dogs

Ultrasonic Oral Care & Teeth Cleaning

By using our innovative ultrasonic technology our dental care for dogs treatment effectively combats Gingivitis & Periodontitis; Oral Cavity Diseases; Plaque & Tartar build-up and doggy breath. We do recommend weekly cleaning to remove food particles, plaque and bacteria from your dog’s mouth.

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

From €20

Brushing your dog's teeth regularly is essential to prevent disease and bad breath. Using ultrasonic technology we can help you maintain your dog's oral health with our teeth cleaning service*.

Initial Oral Care Consultation – €40

This is for 50 minutes. We will examine your dog’s teeth and perform a first clean. You will also be given your dog’s own ‘Tooth Brush Head’ which is suitable for 20 uses. You will need to bring this with you for each subsequent visit.

Ultrasonic Dental Clean – €20

This is for 20 minutes. A follow-up dental clean following the initial consultation. You can book alone or add to any of our other grooming services.

Replacement Brush Head – €10

Each dog has its own unique brush head which must be replaced after 20 visits, or sooner if it has been lost or damaged.

*In conclusion, Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning is not a veterinary procedure and Petmania cannot diagnose or treat medical issues. It is a toothbrush to help clean and maintain healthy teeth and gums; and does not preclude the need for regular veterinary check-ups. Therefore, if you have concerns about your dog’s teeth such as excessive plaque; tartar or loose teeth please seek veterinary advice first. Petmania reserve the right to refuse treatment to a dog where we feel veterinary care is required.

In short, all customers are asked to read the Petmania Grooming Studio Conditions of Service which are available here. Prices valid from 1 August 2019

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